RULES —YOU CAN TELL A LOT ABOUT SOMEONE BY THEIR TASTE IN MUSIC; Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first twenty songs without skipping any. Afterwards, pass this on to ten people.

Fast In My Car- Paramore

Run Away- Front Porch Step

The Day You Took the Good Away- Front Porch Step

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W- My Chemical Romance

No Story Time- Smallpools

You Are My Sunshine- Johnny Cash

Dearly Beloved- Yoko Shimomura

Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

Complicated- Avril Lavigne

Between Your Band And The Other Band- Tigers Jaw

Honor To Us All- Mulan

The Way I Tend To Be- Frank Turner

Knee Socks- Arctic Monkeys

I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy

Under Pressure- My Chemical Romance and The Used

Earl Grey- Basement

Hate Me- Blue October

The Downfall Of Us All- A Day To Remember

Slow Down- Seahaven

Curse The Virgin Canvas- Alesana

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Today I had a teacher tell me that a family member of theirs attempted suicide with pills.
I asked why he didn’t seem more concerned, and he replied with “people who attempt overdose are just attention seeking.”

Tell that to my grandma while she had to shower me for a month because I couldn’t stand after my overdose.

Tell that to my younger cousin who didn’t understand why I slept for three days straight.

Tell that to my bestfriend who saw me cry in every moment I was awake for two weeks after I swallowed those little pieces of hell.

Tell that to my brother who watched me vomit up everything I ate because my stomach was on fire.

Tell that to my teachers who watched me fail my exams because I was so dizzy and out of it I couldn’t stand, let alone concentrate.

Tell that to my mum, who watched me violently shake, sweat, convulse and cry in her arms because I didn’t want to be alive.

Go on, tell them it’s attention seeking. I dare you.

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